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Kindergarden in Hutholz


The daycare center at Walter-Ranft-Straße 72 / 72a in Chemnitz's Hutholzviertel was comprehensively renovated and made barrier-free. The basic design idea was to make the base floor, which had previously only been used for secondary functions, usable.


The mezzanine situation was resolved by creating a sunken entrance courtyard and a new foyer was built on the basement floor, leading through to the garden. This measure opened up considerable space potential in the existing building, which made it possible to integrate non-daycare uses such as training rooms.


184 places were created in the daycare center. Fire protection was solved by adding an additional escape staircase, and accessibility was achieved by integrating an elevator that is accessible from the outside and was designed to be integrated into the shell.


In terms of design, the cubes resulting from the prefabricated building architecture were strengthened and structured by irregularly placed three-dimensional frames.


The room acoustics were solved by self-supporting perforated plaster ceilings, which do not put additional strain on the prestressed concrete ceilings.


The daycare center was restored to its shell condition and completely rebuilt. By installing massive beams, some large, coherent spatial units were created.
The group rooms were divided into clusters into lounge, sleeping, cloakroom and sanitary areas.


The choice of materials and colors was based on natural and warm sensory impressions, but also pursued the goal of distinguishing and orienting between the units.


Tiles, natural linoleum and carpets were installed as floor coverings, which were combined with natural wooden surfaces. The building received a thermal insulation composite system made of mineral fibers.


Complex renovation of Kindergarden in Hutholz in Chemnitz

Category: Public, Open Space
Client: City of Chemnitz

Design: Christian Mertens | Alexander Obst | Hendrik Heine als Arge |h²mor²|

Services: Object planning for buildings Lph 2-9, fire protection, outdoor areas entrance courtyard Lph 2-9, engineering structures media and underground pipes 2-9
Project partner: [cm.a] christianmertens.architekten, oki. architekten GmbH
Start of performance: 2016
Completion: 2020

Photos: architectural photographer Steffen Spitzner

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