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Sterntalerweg 1-3 | Luebeck


The building at Sterntalerweg 1 – 3 in the Lübeck district of Moisling will, together with the medical center opposite, form a new district center within the “Neue Mitte Moisling” project.


Accordingly, the requirement for the renovation of the house, its architectural appearance on the one hand, but also the elimination of its functional and structural defects on the other hand. Ultimately, the solution to the high-rise building issue as well as the handling of the balconies and arcades should always be in keeping with the style of the Neue Mitte and the demands of the project. Against this background, an easy-to-read but very in-depth concept was developed that answers all of the problems raised.


High-rise building problems/fire protection
The high-rise building will be retained and will also have two penthouse apartments and a communal terrace in place of the attic. The high-rise problem is solved by installing two staircases on the gables and a special maisonette solution for the two middle segments D/D'. This means that all apartments have two separate structural escape routes and the two middle apartments can be oriented on both sides on the upper floors.


The open arcades as apartment entrances have both functional defects (bird droppings, clear width of 1.35 m and therefore potentially do not comply with DIN 18040-2) as well as structural defects due to continuous concrete slabs.


The situation is solved by dismantling the parapet panels and the associated increase in the clear corridor width to 1.50 m. Furthermore, the arcades are integrated into the thermal envelope and become necessary corridors through a three-shell load-bearing building structure in front.


On the one hand, the existing balconies are too narrow and, on the other hand, they have structural defects similar to the arcades. Therefore, these are also integrated into the thermal envelope. The loss of living space due to the new staircases will be compensated for by a new balcony zone in front.


This not only reshapes the existing bend in the building and straightens the south facade, but at the same time creates a completely new facade appearance with spacious, individually aligned, deep loggias, to which the living spaces are fully glazed, but which at the same time offer sufficient summer heat protection due to their depth.


Restricted implementation competition for the renovation of the apartment building Sterntalerweg 1 - 3 in Lübeck Moisling

Category: Living, Open Space
Sponsor: Immobilien-Gesellschaft TRAVE mbH

Design: Hendrik Heine

Performance time: 2018

Rank: 3rd Prize

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