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Botzlar Castle | Selm


Continue building the monument
Basically, our approach is not to seek a break with the past, but rather to design appropriate further construction of the monument using contemporary stylistic means. The aim is not to steal the show from the castle, but at the same time to add a self-confident new layer of time to its long history, which remains legible as such, but overall enters into a harmonious liaison with the listed building.


In keeping with the original quarry stone appearance of the castle, which is not intended to be restored during the renovation due to the theme - an elegant aristocratic residence - it is suggested that the extension be designed with split sandstone in horizontal formats. This creates a rough, monolithic effect, but places the cultivation in the here and now and at the same time ensures that the entire ensemble can age sustainably. Analogous to the open space concept, we see both the newly installed dormers and the window profiles of the new staircase in a dark bronze or alternatively a dark RAL coating.


The cultivation was largely removed from the existing buildings. The actual attachment and thus integration into the roof takes place in a T-shape in the width of the axis through the building. A glass joint will be placed in the area of the Gothic door frame, which will remain under the current edge of the roof. This joint continues in the interior as an airspace across floors, in which the walls are presented as a special component.


Structural and open space planning implementation competition for the redesign of Botzlar Castle in Selm

Category: Public, Interior, Open Space
Sponsor: Community Foundation of the City of Selm and the City of Selm in cooperation with the Regional 2016 Agency

Design: Hendrik Heine | Michael Rudolph

Project partner: STATION C23
Performance time: 2016

Rank: A 2nd prize competition (not a 1st prize) / 2nd prize revision

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