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Primary school | Gym Loessnitz


The topographically highly demanding, listed renovation of the school building and the gymnasium in Loessnitz was carried out with fire protection, functional and energy-related objectives in mind. The school building was gutted, disturbing fixtures were removed and the conditions were created for the installation of a stairwell with an elevator, which ensures complete accessibility. The floors are structured in such a way that the new all-day area is located in the base and ground floors and the two-story elementary school is located on the upper floors.

The plastic windows installed in the 90s were dismantled and replaced by listed wooden windows, the division of which was based on archival research. The construction phases of the building that were uncovered during the renovation were made visible both inside and outside and feature both historicist and Art Nouveau elements. The original structure still present, such as the two entrance portals and the clinker brick and natural stone facade, were restored.


The gymnasium renovation and expansion took place as a critical, reconstructive extension of the monument. For this purpose, the essential monument elements were traced back. Since the social extension in the 1950s partially negated the original building, it was redesigned and a staircase was added, which offered the oppurtunity of a complete functional reorganization of the gymnasium. The parts of the building are connected by the already existing quarry stone base and the clinker decorative band, both of which were added all around. The aim is to achieve creative unity and harmony. The generous staircase and entrance glazing is evidence of the new.


Both buildings received internal insulation and, together with the high school opposite, form a modern local heating network with a combined heat and power plant and a new PV system.


The open space - until now hardly usable - has been completely redesigned by creating two plateaus that can be included in educational work. The lower level contains specially designed play equipment, which is connected via climbs and a slide to the upper plateau, in which a scooter circuit and an outdoor learning area have been integrated. Above and below there are new retaining walls clad in local quarry stone masonry. In this context, the existing public path along the two buildings was redesigned and structured by stairs and platforms.


Renovation of the elementary school and gymnasium in the old town of Loessnitz

Category: Public, Interior, Open Space
Client: City of Loessnitz

Design: Hendrik Heine

Services: Property planning for buildings and outdoor areas Lph 1-9, sound insulation, fire protection
Project partner: IGHT - engineering company for construction planning & building technology, Bochmann Langenstrass engineers
Start of performance: 2018
Completion: 2024

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